Introducing Rilato

Rilato is a social media platform that can determine your character traits and psychological compatibility with other people. Rilato improves the efficiency of online communication and makes real life more interesting.

You can use it to search for friends, dates, team meetings and much more. The algorithms will show the character traits of the person you are interested in and whether or not you are compatible with them and should start an interaction.

Update 3/20/19: We haven't launched yet, but we are admitting people into the beta. We'd be happy to keep you posted about the beta program and launch (your email won't be used for anything else).

*Rilato [rilatəʊ] means "relationship" in Esperanto, it contains the best description of what we are doing.

Rilato Team: Danil Sokolov, Vladimir Samoylov, Artyom Karapetyan.
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